Convierte tu baño en el espacio de relajación favorito de tu hogar

The famous architect Louis Sullivan had as a postulate that form follows function. This mentality has been changing and we have seen that many spaces in the home have been transformed over time. The routine and composition of modern families require functional and comfortable spaces, they do not want rooms that are luxurious and that cannot be used on a daily basis. That is why kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, among others, have been transformed into places that can be enjoyed and made the most of in the few hours that they are used in family life. If we specifically think about remodeling the bathroom, although it is necessary to design taking into account its functionality, these are also treated as a place of relief and escape. After a day of tension, how good it is to arrive home and take a bath that not only fulfills its function of personal hygiene but also that its atmosphere and style take you to the tranquility and relaxation of a spa. When designing, we seek to add elements that give us massages and sensations of relaxation such as: rain showers or "rain showers", jacuzzis, jet shooters, sound systems, candles, perfumes, aromatic salts, textures among others and you will not be able to missing a good bottle of wine or champagne and some fruits to feel pampered. A complement to these elements that is very fashionable, is the use of natural stones and slabs on the walls and floors, with different textures to create a balanced and rhythmic environment.

Today there are countless styles of slabs that satisfy all types of public and manage to recreate this scene of relaxation in the bathroom of your home. Now, remodeling a bathroom is an important investment, so it is worth using top quality materials, not only aesthetically but also functionally. The glue and grout used are key factors in giving your walls and floors the proper strength, finish and durability. The slab or cloth of the shower floor must be finished with a grout with sand, this minimizes the risk of slipping. In addition, you must use glue that resists water and humidity in this space to ensure its durability.

Try to use natural light to the extent that the place allows it and try to design so that these places welcome more than one person, they stop being individual spaces to become one to share as a couple. Already the room that was destined for basic functions of the human being is transformed into one that provides an experience of sensations of peace and luxury. Don't wait any longer and change your grooming routine to one of pampering and relaxation. Let your mind fly and look for possibilities that help you get the most out of your spaces. Remember that design is an integrated process and all the details are important in it. Using the wrong glue or grout can cause your investment to be ruined and you have to redo your work.

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