Cuando va a remodelar su piso

When you go to remodel your home one of the most expensive and laborious jobs is changing the floor. Today there is an immense variety of treatments, slabs, woods and stones that make us enrich our environment. Because it is an investment that increases the value of your residence or business, it is important to hire a quality human team, from the designer to do the design, selection and aesthetic supervision of the work, to the professional contractor who does a job of excellence.

It is also important that the appropriate materials are selected for the installation of the same, it is critical to have the correct glue or adhesive for the specifications of the surface and the slab that is chosen. If you are someone who likes classic elegance, organic and movement, you probably like natural stone or marble. On the other hand, if you like symmetry, cleanliness in design and consistency, your preference for tile will be ceramic or artificial. The variety is enormous and in many cases even imitates the natural slab. In this type of material, you will find a variety of prices that accommodate any budget. And depending on their concept you can find them rectified and calibrated, where the separation between one slab and another is minimal. But if you want a conventional non-rectified slab your spacing should be 3/16 to ¼ inch.

In both, it is important to correctly select the color of the grout according to the selected design. In the artificial or ceramic slab you can also create bold patterns with different colors, shapes and shades. You can also play on the placement of symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. The first thing you should know is that in natural stone one slab is not the same as the other and when it is installed it will have different betas, shades and colors in each slab with respect to the other. Therein lies the beauty of this type of material, which offers us a classic European-style appearance. When you are going to work with this slab, the floor must be level and the filling used must be adequate and it must be left to dry for several days depending on its thickness. This is essential, since natural stone has pores and if it does not dry completely, that moisture will penetrate to the surface creating fungus stains.

Leveling the floor is also necessary in order to have a flat surface without waves. This helps us avoid hollows and indentations in the floor. One can talk about trends, but really this will be the one that you decide in your concept according to the needs and functions of the space. But dare to play with these materials, do not settle for the everyday, talk to an interior design professional for advice and to break the fear. And, let Weco work the technical stuff with your installer. Because, Weco offers a revolutionary line of glues, grouts and cleaners for your floors.

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