La Cocina…el eje de tu hogar

One of the rooms in the home that has evolved the most over time has been the kitchen. From being the ugly duckling that hid in the back of the house or that was boxed in so that no one would see it, it has changed to the beautiful swan that is flaunted in the center of the home. For the last century the kitchen was positioned at the back of the house or an enclosed space was designated so that it could not be seen by the people who visited the house, even many of them had separate entrances for servants or simply so that the housewife had access to them without having to interrupt the activities that were taking place in the common areas of the residence. At that time the visit was received on the balcony, which was the first space you found in the house and on very few occasions the areas inside the house were invited. This space eventually becomes the hallway and the balcony concept is brought into the patio area by calling it the terrace. Due to this evolution of interaction and coexistence, the kitchen was also transformed.

In fact, not only have kitchens changed, but the craft of cooking has proliferated as an art and an act of entertainment and the media elevated this activity to one of glamor. It even stops being an exclusively female job within the home and the man begins to take a much more active participation in the kitchen. Since his positioning stops being separated and closed to being one of the center and open, on many occasions the family room is next to it to have more interaction with family members. The activities are carried out around the kitchen that is why the stove takes a privileged place so that the person who is cooking can be seen and can interact with their visitor. All the aforementioned has caused the aesthetic and functional characteristics of a kitchen to have evolved as well. Laminates, stains and lacquers are much more durable and come in an immense variety of colors and textures. Its hardware, extractors, fixtures, handles and stops are available in a variety of designs, excellent quality and flexible costs, depending on the construction. Something extremely important, which gives life to the kitchen, is the "Back splash", you can use from natural stone, as well as tiles and glass panels.

Make your kitchen the hub and center of interaction in your home, as well as a conversation piece for your visit. Let your imagination have no limits, look for design alternatives and equipment, and do not settle for what everyone has. Let your imagination run wild, select modern veneers for both your cabinets and walls and give Weco products the durability you need to enhance the beauty and finishes that your kitchen needs. Remember that remodeling a kitchen increases the value of your property, so it is important that this investment is well thought out and worked on and that it also last for years. That is why it is so important to work with quality materials, Weco glues, grouts and cleaners will ensure that your investment is maximized. Check with your installer for the proper type of glue and grout color for the tile you selected.

"Ensure the durability of your remodeling"

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