Losa sobre losa ¿Es posible?

Many have in mind that it is necessary to remove, devastate or churn the slab to place a new one, because previously available adhesives did not have the ability to adhere to smooth non-porous surfaces. If slab was installed over existing slab or terrazzo, it could be peeled off. Therefore, a common option was to drill holes into the slab or remove it completely to expose the concrete surface. This option is still one of the safest for an excellent installation. However, it is the most complex and the most expensive.

Another option is to apply muriatic acid to the surface of the existing tile to open its pores and create a rough surface to adhere the glue. However, this practice requires a thorough cleaning of the treated slab to remove any acid residue before installing. This option is the one that I like the least because of the handling of the acid, its smell and the difficulty of cleaning it.

WECO technicians have developed a two-component system. The first is the W-160 Prime2 Bond texture primer, which bonds to the existing slab creating a rough surface that promotes glue adhesion. The second is W-2000 MAXX Professional Glue, an Ultra-Premium glue with a high content of polymers that provide the level of flexibility and adhesion necessary for a safe installation. Using the W-160 Prime2 Bond and W-2000 MAXX system is simple, I'll show you:

  1. Inspect the existing slab. Areas that are hollow, raised, or in poor condition should be completely removed. You will only be able to install slabs on slabs that are solid and firm.
  2. Make sure the surface is dry, free of dust and grease, before applying W-160 Prime2 Bond.
  3. Apply a coat of W-160 Prime2 Bond with a roller. Each gallon of W-160 Prime2 Bond makes approximately 250-300 square feet.
  4. Although drying to the touch is about 30 to 60 minutes, it is recommended to wait 2 to 4 hours to apply a second coat and 8 hours before installing the tile. W-160 Prime2 Bond should only be applied to interior surfaces and should be protected from moisture once applied, until the glue is applied.
  5. After 8 hours, apply the W-2000 MAXX glue making grooves in one direction on the W-160 Prime2 Bond, and install the slabs in the same way as on a concrete surface.

You can get the W-160 Prime2 Bond, the glue W-2000 MAXX and other products of the Weco Professional System at International Rustic Tile in Mayagüez, Centro de Terrazos y Azulejos (CTA) in Camuy, Sueños de Losas in San Sebastián, Cerapisos in Fajardo , The Tile Shop & The Marble Shop in San Juan, Cerámica Alba in San Juan, Stone & Tiles in San Juan, in any of The Home Depot and Ace Hardware stores in Puerto Rico, and in many hardware stores and sales centers of slabs in your community.

For more information, go to wecopr.com, facebook.com/wecopr or call 787-739-3751.