¡NUEVAS! masillas Weco® para construcción

Flex Seal SL™ is a one-component, open-cure, polyurethane-based sealant. It is used as a sealing and insulating material in horizontal and moving cracks and joints.

It can be easily applied with a spray gun. It is self-leveling due to its low viscosity. It cures with moisture in the air and is paintable. It does not shrink. Resistant to weather conditions and water. Has permanent elasticity

  • Designed for all types of vertical and horizontal expansion-contraction joints.
  • Joints under water, such as in canals, gutters, and trenches.
  • Gaskets for windows, door frames and many other types in construction.
  • It can be applied as an elastic adhesive between materials with different movements.
  • Quick drying to the touch and final curing.
  • Resistant to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Supports all types of paint including acrylics.

Weco® W015 Ultra Bond™

Ultra-high performance, one-component, easy-to-apply adhesive. With an initial bond of just 5 seconds Weco® W015 Ultra Bond ™ is the strongest of all the different mounting adhesives available on the market, W015 Ultra Bond ™ is suitable for carrying weights up to 330 kg / m2 (68 lb / Ft2) and bonding materials such as metal, aluminum, glass, plastic, cornices, wood, concrete, panels, composites, and kitchen accessories.

  • High adhesion (initial 5 sec.) Without the need for Primer on most substrates.
  • Quick and easy application with excellent workability.
  • It is not corrosive.
  • Supports all types of paint including acrylics.
  • Free of silicone and solvents.
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays, weathering, water and aging.
  • It does not cause harm to the environment or human health.

Weco® Anchor FX™

It is a two component epoxy and chemical injection anchoring system.

Weco® Anchor FX ™ is a high quality, high performance, fast curing system. The color of the material remains constant and resistant to most chemicals. It can be applied to any surface including those with high moisture content.

For anchors in concrete, rock and in general in any assembly work that will be exposed to high tension loads. Holds up to 3,500 Lbs with 4 minutes of use and 30 minutes of cure.