¡NUEVO! Weco® W800+ Durokryl™

NEW! Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ is an ultra-premium non-re-emulsifiable latex and synthetic rubber admixture for Portland cement mortars, concrete and grout applications. Weco® W800 + Durokryl ™ substantially improves the workability, adhesion, tension and flex characteristics of the mix. Also ideal as a primer to promote adhesion to existing concrete surfaces. Meets or exceeds ASTM C-1059 Type II, ASTM C-932 and ANSI A118.4.


Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ can be used to modify thin-set mortars, grouts, Portland cement mortars and concretes, increasing adhesion and flexibility, reducing water permeability, increasing chemical resistance, compressive strength and overall durability. mix. Excellent for bonding new cement and concrete mortars to existing concrete, during concrete repairs, toppings, application of self-leveling mortars, concrete coatings, plastering and other concrete applications.


Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ is a concentrated product and can be diluted with water. Recommended mixing ratios are: one part Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ to one part water (1: 1) for cement grouts, one part Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ to three parts water (1: 3) for cement mixtures. mortar, and a part of Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ for four parts of water (1: 4) for “toppings”. Do not thin when used in concrete bonding applications or as a primer. To facilitate mixing, add the desired cement or dry mortar mix to the diluted Weco® W800 + Durokryl™ mix and mix using an electric mixer on low speed. Care must be taken not to allow air to enter the mix.


Protect the area from light traffic for a minimum of 24 hours and heavy traffic for a minimum of 72 hours, depending on temperature and humidity. Cure by keeping the application area moist to avoid over-drying cracking of the surface.


Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety data. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.


The guarantee of this product is limited to the replacement of the product or refund of its amount, if it does not comply with the manufacturer's specifications and does not include the application costs. The customer must present an original proof of purchase. +